Outdoor Concerts – Are My Favorite

As someone who loves to enjoy and experience the outdoors, I love going to outdoor concerts. Later in the Spring, I will be traveling to Los Angeles, and I looked up the Hollywood bowl to see who was playing.  It looks like Chris Tomlin will be the one performing while my feet hit the ground in Los Angeles.  I still need to decide if I am going to purchase tickets to the Hollywood, but it did get me thinking about some of the great outdoor music venues.

My trip to sunny southern California is to visit some family members and to pursue some business deals that I have been working on.  In between business meetings, I plan on sneaking in some hikes up in the Verdugo mountains.  These hikes can be short but they are steep.  At the top of the hike the views can be hit and miss because of the local air quality.

One highlight for my trip will be riding the Super Strawberry bike trail outside of the Burbank Ca area.  My brother in law lives in Burbank and runs his own company, that provides local maid service.  He is the one that turned me onto the ride and so we are going to ride it together with a couple of his other friends.

At this point this trip is starting to come together and sides like it will be a lot of fun: Hollywood bowl, business meetings, hikes, and mountain bike rides.  I can see why so many people call SoCal home.

Spring in Sedona AZ

Sedona Az is known for its beautiful red rocks, incredible hikes, and positive energy.  Spring in Sedona is a must experience for any outdoor enthusiast.  Whether someone is looking for elevated hikes, sunrises, agave plants, or a spa treatment, Sedona more than delivers.  The local area is filled with top notch resorts, fine dining, and locals who happily share the best spots to visit on a weekend trip.

Recently while visiting Sedona we participated in one of the famous jeep tours.  While I typically enjoy an arduous hike, this particular jeep tour was just the experience I was looking for.  The advantage of the  a jeep in the sheer amount of terrain that one can cover in a couple of hours.  Our particular jeep tour wandered through town and then eventually hit the trails so that we could make out way towards scenic views, and ultimately a local vortex.

The vortex is an area of terrain well known to the locals and a peaceful and natural energy that is let off by the natural surroundings.  Many people travel from all over the world to enjoy these vortex like experiences.  While I am not regularly described as a nature guy the Sedona area did have a natural peacefulness and ease that made it a great weekend.  A weekend filled with laughter, fun, and joy.




Fall Colors in the Southwest

As a kid I didn’t realize how spoiled I was with the fall colors.  I grew up in a small sky resort in the Sierra Nevada’s.  I had a great child hood for many reason, money not being one of them, but the wilderness and natural mountains that i played in and become a man in helped shape who I am today.  I know live in the desert and as it turns to fall and the temperatures finally start to drop I do miss the changing of fall colors as the trees prepare for winter.  The picture below would be a common experience along a trail as a child i would be bombarded with magnificentnatural colors.

Now I get beautiful daily sunsets, but i have had to give up the changing of the leaves.  The picture below could have been taken any day of the year.  I guess what allows life to survive in the desert is the ability for vegetation to need very little water.  While this is great self preservation for the plants and trees it leads to underwhelming fall colors.

Fall has always been my favorite season.  Crisp morning air, cooler temperatures, beautiful sunsets, football, and of course the occasional pumpkin spice latter.


Camping Southern Utah

Wow!  That is all I can say.  I just got back from my camping trip to southern Utah and it was exactly what I needed.  Prior to going my organization, to remain unnamed so I can keep my job did one of those classic reorganizations.  You know the ones where upper management move people around, let people go and then try to get every one to celebrate like it is a good thing when deep down everyone is pissed off by the fact that upper management screwed up earlier in the year and now middle management has to pay for the mistake with more responsibility and no increase in pay.  I almost wish i would have been one of the employees fired and given a fat severance check.  But I digress.


My trip to Utah was incredible, and it was exactly what I needed.  My cubicle life or death or whatever it is was really getting to me.  Then we had the reorganization and I needed some time away to reflect and think about my life.  When I rumors about the reorg first surfaced, I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to get time off, so i was truly relieved when my new manager informed me that I could keep my trip.


So to the great outdoors I headed to take some deep breaths of fresh air and adventure.  My best friend Chad came along with me and we had a blast, camping, hiking, fishing, sleeping under the stars.  Chad is a business owner down in chandler where we live.  I work for a large international company and have always felt secure until recently.  When he first opened his carpet cleaning Chandler. I thought he was crazy to take on so much risk.  Especially when I thought about cleaning other peoples houses and flooring all day.  Something about cleaning other peoples homes for a living and then feeling some type of responsibility to clean my own home when I get home that seemed to much to me.  But this trip may have changed some of that for me.  Because Chad is a business owner he has greater control over when he can enjoy the back doors.  He takes his sons camping, hiking, fishing, all the things I love to do probably ten times more often than I do.


Which is why I am starting this blog about the outdoors.  This blog will be about enjoying the weekends, camping, hiking, mountain bike riding.  Whatever it is that I can do to leave the cubicle life far behind me.  Cheers to Chad for inspiring and heres to adventures, fresh air, and starry nights.

Cubicle vs Outdoors

I started this blog to record the journey and or struggle I am experiencing as an adult.  I grew up in the mountains where i had fresh air and plenty of room to roam around, explore, have fun, and sometimes get into trouble. The point was I was outside all the time.  I lived in a small ski resort, but we still got 300+ days of sunny weather.  I can recall the summers my dad getting home from work.  It it was still light outside and I was inside he would look at me confused, trying to figure out why I was not outside exploring.


Those days now seem so far away.  My daily grind or 9-5 in a small cubicle.  I currently live in the desert in the suburbs of Phoenix, Chandler Arizona and it has been insanely hot.  Between the heat and my cubicle I rarely get outside to breath the fresh air and enjoy nature and its beauty.  Luckily I have a camping trip planned for an upcoming trip to Winslow AZ area and maybe further into the fall a trip into southern Utah.

Outdoor Adventures


Until then I am left sitting at my home office desk hunched over with terrible posture telling myself there will be a day again in the near future where I will have plenty of space to breath in the outdoor air and enjoy nature the way I used to as a child.  It is amazing how the everyday life as a kid it what i long for today.