Camping Southern Utah

Wow!  That is all I can say.  I just got back from my camping trip to southern Utah and it was exactly what I needed.  Prior to going my organization, to remain unnamed so I can keep my job did one of those classic reorganizations.  You know the ones where upper management move people around, let people go and then try to get every one to celebrate like it is a good thing when deep down everyone is pissed off by the fact that upper management screwed up earlier in the year and now middle management has to pay for the mistake with more responsibility and no increase in pay.  I almost wish i would have been one of the employees fired and given a fat severance check.  But I digress.


My trip to Utah was incredible, and it was exactly what I needed.  My cubicle life or death or whatever it is was really getting to me.  Then we had the reorganization and I needed some time away to reflect and think about my life.  When I rumors about the reorg first surfaced, I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to get time off, so i was truly relieved when my new manager informed me that I could keep my trip.


So to the great outdoors I headed to take some deep breaths of fresh air and adventure.  My best friend Chad came along with me and we had a blast, camping, hiking, fishing, sleeping under the stars.  Chad is a business owner down in chandler where we live.  I work for a large international company and have always felt secure until recently.  When he first opened his carpet cleaning Chandler. I thought he was crazy to take on so much risk.  Especially when I thought about cleaning other peoples houses and flooring all day.  Something about cleaning other peoples homes for a living and then feeling some type of responsibility to clean my own home when I get home that seemed to much to me.  But this trip may have changed some of that for me.  Because Chad is a business owner he has greater control over when he can enjoy the back doors.  He takes his sons camping, hiking, fishing, all the things I love to do probably ten times more often than I do.


Which is why I am starting this blog about the outdoors.  This blog will be about enjoying the weekends, camping, hiking, mountain bike riding.  Whatever it is that I can do to leave the cubicle life far behind me.  Cheers to Chad for inspiring and heres to adventures, fresh air, and starry nights.

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