Cubicle vs Outdoors

I started this blog to record the journey and or struggle I am experiencing as an adult.  I grew up in the mountains where i had fresh air and plenty of room to roam around, explore, have fun, and sometimes get into trouble. The point was I was outside all the time.  I lived in a small ski resort, but we still got 300+ days of sunny weather.  I can recall the summers my dad getting home from work.  It it was still light outside and I was inside he would look at me confused, trying to figure out why I was not outside exploring.


Those days now seem so far away.  My daily grind or 9-5 in a small cubicle.  I currently live in the desert in the suburbs of Phoenix, Chandler Arizona and it has been insanely hot.  Between the heat and my cubicle I rarely get outside to breath the fresh air and enjoy nature and its beauty.  Luckily I have a camping trip planned for an upcoming trip to Winslow AZ area and maybe further into the fall a trip into southern Utah.

Outdoor Adventures


Until then I am left sitting at my home office desk hunched over with terrible posture telling myself there will be a day again in the near future where I will have plenty of space to breath in the outdoor air and enjoy nature the way I used to as a child.  It is amazing how the everyday life as a kid it what i long for today.

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