Fall Colors in the Southwest

As a kid I didn’t realize how spoiled I was with the fall colors.  I grew up in a small sky resort in the Sierra Nevada’s.  I had a great child hood for many reason, money not being one of them, but the wilderness and natural mountains that i played in and become a man in helped shape who I am today.  I know live in the desert and as it turns to fall and the temperatures finally start to drop I do miss the changing of fall colors as the trees prepare for winter.  The picture below would be a common experience along a trail as a child i would be bombarded with magnificentnatural colors.

Now I get beautiful daily sunsets, but i have had to give up the changing of the leaves.  The picture below could have been taken any day of the year.  I guess what allows life to survive in the desert is the ability for vegetation to need very little water.  While this is great self preservation for the plants and trees it leads to underwhelming fall colors.

Fall has always been my favorite season.  Crisp morning air, cooler temperatures, beautiful sunsets, football, and of course the occasional pumpkin spice latter.


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