Outdoor Concerts – Are My Favorite

As someone who loves to enjoy and experience the outdoors, I love going to outdoor concerts. Later in the Spring, I will be traveling to Los Angeles, and I looked up the Hollywood bowl to see who was playing.  It looks like Chris Tomlin will be the one performing while my feet hit the ground in Los Angeles.  I still need to decide if I am going to purchase tickets to the Hollywood, but it did get me thinking about some of the great outdoor music venues.

My trip to sunny southern California is to visit some family members and to pursue some business deals that I have been working on.  In between business meetings, I plan on sneaking in some hikes up in the Verdugo mountains.  These hikes can be short but they are steep.  At the top of the hike the views can be hit and miss because of the local air quality.

One highlight for my trip will be riding the Super Strawberry bike trail outside of the Burbank Ca area.  My brother in law lives in Burbank and runs his own company, that provides local maid service.  He is the one that turned me onto the ride and so we are going to ride it together with a couple of his other friends.

At this point this trip is starting to come together and sides like it will be a lot of fun: Hollywood bowl, business meetings, hikes, and mountain bike rides.  I can see why so many people call SoCal home.

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