Spring in Sedona AZ

Sedona Az is known for its beautiful red rocks, incredible hikes, and positive energy.  Spring in Sedona is a must experience for any outdoor enthusiast.  Whether someone is looking for elevated hikes, sunrises, agave plants, or a spa treatment, Sedona more than delivers.  The local area is filled with top notch resorts, fine dining, and locals who happily share the best spots to visit on a weekend trip.

Recently while visiting Sedona we participated in one of the famous jeep tours.  While I typically enjoy an arduous hike, this particular jeep tour was just the experience I was looking for.  The advantage of the  a jeep in the sheer amount of terrain that one can cover in a couple of hours.  Our particular jeep tour wandered through town and then eventually hit the trails so that we could make out way towards scenic views, and ultimately a local vortex.

The vortex is an area of terrain well known to the locals and a peaceful and natural energy that is let off by the natural surroundings.  Many people travel from all over the world to enjoy these vortex like experiences.  While I am not regularly described as a nature guy the Sedona area did have a natural peacefulness and ease that made it a great weekend.  A weekend filled with laughter, fun, and joy.




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